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Please see our latest News articles below.


Breaking the taboo of shiny & new!

The wonderful world of CAT-A poses many potential obstacles for both clients, designers and contractors alike. In years gone by a CAT-A fit out would include a standard carpet overlay on the raised flooring to give an indicative finish for the prospective clients to view during the letting process. However more often than not the new tenant would decide that the carpet... Read more


To be spec compliant.. What's in a name?

We live in a world where many industries are dominated by particular brands from entertainment and sports through to food and drink. Many of us opt to buy a specific brand because of a variety of reasons from quality through to the perception that comes with that brand. However, in many cases we are simply ‘paying for the brand name’ and the underlying product is no different... Read more


COVID secure HQ

As the world starts to return to some form of normality our office teams have begun the phased transition back into our HQ in Warwickshire. To ensure that safety of our teams remains paramount we have invested in a variety of safety measures to keep our teams safe and ensured everyone is briefed on how to move safely around the warehouse and office areas. The following are... Read more


Will new become taboo?

At RMF we have been champions of re-use for many years. We appreciate that items produced over 10 years ago can retain their integrity and remain as entirely viable products especially in the case of raised flooring is concerned. We were so confident that raised flooring remained the prime candidate for reuse that we commissioned an independent test on new vs recycled raised... Read more


Medium grade V Medium Duty - Raising up the question!

Medium Grade vs Medium Duty? So what on earth is the difference? Even the names are pretty similar but there is a difference and worth keeping an eye out on what is actually specified and being offered. The Property Services Agency (PSA) Method of Building Performance Specification 'Platform Floors (Raised Access Floors)', MOB PF2 PS , became the industry standard in the UK... Read more