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At RMF we have worked alongside the demolition industry for many years. In 2024 our goal is to broaden our impact within the sector by helping as many contractors as possible to sell their raised floor panels to us.

We know that programmes are tight and budgets ever constrained so we are here to help maximise both site efficiency and profit on projects.

So how does it work.


Send RMF pictures of the panels you are looking to sell. The ideal pictures are;

- Side edge of the panel

-Underside of the panel

- Stripes or markings on the panel (blue, green or yellow stripes)

Then send them to RMF at please also include the site location and the approximate quantity.


- RMF will offer you the best price per raised floor panel in the market. Getting paid for panels couldn’t be simpler!


Firstly, RMF will arrange the delivery of all pallets, banding and a pump truck for your teams to safely lift, band and palletise the panels. All equipment is delivered at ZERO cost. Once you have pallets available for collection then contact RMF for your free collection from site.


Finally the best part – get paid! Rather than putting raised flooring into the skip and paying hundreds of pounds in gate fees get paid for your panels!

To discuss getting paid for your raised floor panels contact our team today on 01926 425289.

Want a free raised floor demolition guide – email us at