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What is the RMF Eco Range?

What is the RMF Eco Range? 

The RMF Eco range has been available for nearly 10 years and is simply reused raised access floor panels, installed onto a new all steel pedestal understructure. 

RMF work closely with strip out and demolition contractors to obtain raised flooring being stripped out of projects across the UK. All panels taken back are of original Medium Grade PSA performance, due to RMF having a combined industry experience of over 100 years, we are easily able to identify what the system is and whether it has a reuse potential or not. 

What do you do to the panels? 

In the simplest terms, we check, clean, randomly deflection test and offer the installed panels back into the CAT-B fit out market for reuse. We use our trademarked RMF De-tac solution to remove any builders dust and remaining carpet tile adhesive. All panels are manually cleaned by our highly skilled warehouse team, this process allows us to remove any damaged panels from circulation. Once the panels are cleaned we randomly select them and place on our in-house testing rig under point load for 24 hours to check for deflection. 

Why should I consider using the RMF Eco Range on my project? 

Whilst cost is not always the main driver for projects, sustainability is a topic that isn't going away and rightly so. RMF are the ONLY reused raised flooring contractor in the UK to hold an Environmental Product Decleration (EPD) for a reused raised floor panels.

The EPD is an ISO recognised standard that is internationally recognised and can assist with uplifting points under BREEAM, WELL, SKA and other 'gold standards'.  The RMF Eco range can also be modelled using the One Click LCA system for whole building carbon modelling. 

  • De-tackfied - (suitable for CAT B finish only)
  • Tested - (in house) 
  • Suitable for carpet overlay,
  • Installed onto new pedestal under structure