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ECO Range Testing

All RMF ECO panels are individually cleaned and de-tackfied removing the previous carpet adhesive, suitable for CAT B finish.

All panels taken back are of original Medium Grade PSA performance.

Due to our continual developments all RMF ECO Range panels are randomly point load tested over 24 hours in our "in house" test facilty, before being resold back into the interior office fit out market, thus ensuring they continue to perform as they should.

There are Increased demands on manufacturers to value engineer and produce cost reductions for their new panels.

We have found that panels manufactured in the 1980's and late 90's still meet original manufactured performance specifications and generally outperform new panels that are manufactured today...

As value engineering has taken hold of reducing the core material costs the RMF ECO Range panels offer not only offer a sensible procurement option, cost savings against new systems but also answers critics as to their performance.

Do your bit for the planet and specify RMF ECO Range on your next project.

  • De-tackfied - (suitable for CAT B finish only)
  • Tested - (in house) 
  • Suitable for carpet overlay,
  • Installed onto new pedestal under structure