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News — August 2022

Making squares circular!

12 Aug 2022

At RMF we pride ourselves on constantly challenging the status quo around reuse initiatives and looking for opportunities to make construction more sustainable. With this in mind we are delighted to have recently launched our new ‘Circular Panel solution’. The Circular Panel solution is a perfect for landowners who have a building with existing raised flooring, it works as... Read more

Recycled Raised Floor - 4 tonne test!

01 Aug 2022

WHAT CAN'T SPEAK CAN'T LIE!! Not the most conventional test, granted, however to quash any potential concerns on selecting and specifying our RMF Eco Range second user systems we took to the RMF HQ car park! We drove one of our vans onto our Eco Range and then loaded it up giving a combined weight of 4.7 tonnes. After leaving it for 120 hours what happened?! No... Read more