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Please see our latest News articles below.


Safety - it's serious!

As a team RMF have over 100 years combined construction industry experience and over these many years we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of on-site safety. As we still find ourselves in the midst of a global health pandemic site safety has never been so important. At RMF we understand that site safety extends beyond toolbox talks and PPE it needs to be entrenched in... Read more


A tanking tale!

It is believed that around 75% of post-construction problems with buildings are due to water ingress. Because of this, it’s vital that adequate waterproofing solutions are put into place as early as possible in the construction process. 90% of water intrusion happens at building junctions, such as seams between facades or between roof tiles, hence the requirement for the... Read more


Fine art feature!

We have gone arty at RMF HQ with a bespoke painting of London (titled 'Westminster reflections') from the very talented artist Sarah Fosse. Sarah has been painting her entire life, having inherited her artistic ability from her mother, a professional artist. Her paintings have been featured by the likes of The Wall Street Journal, Vogue and the BBC and thanks to an... Read more


You can't beat experience!

To quote the genius that is Albert Einstein ‘ The only source of knowledge is experience’ a philosophy that we fully subscribe to at RMF HQ. Our 31 year heritage has taught us many valuable lessons over the years, from how to successfully complete projects through to establishing a healthy and productive culture within our team. At RMF across our contracts, estimating and... Read more


Your office needs you!

One of the undoubted take away lessons from the pandemic has been the world taking a look at their previous working practices. Being forced to stay at home has given many of us a chance to reflect on what we want our work life balance to be and good we work more efficiently outside the traditional 9-5 hours? So, will the office become a thing of the past? At RMF we think... Read more