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News — November 2022

What is a plenum and UFAD?

25 Nov 2022

The wonderful world of raised access flooring can be much more complicated than placing squares on steel pedestals! One word you may have heard is the requirement for the raised floor to become a ‘plenum’. The creation of a plenum is simply a fancy word for air sealing and reduction of air leakage from the floor void. To create a plenum a gasket is manually applied to the... Read more

COP 27 - RMF Comment

07 Nov 2022

With COP27 kicking off in Sharm – El – Sheik, Egypt this week we are now looking ahead at what we can expect to be the key themes of the latest UN Climate Summit. Firstly after much back and forth our new PM Rishi Sunak will be in attendance to represent the UK at the conference. The conference runs from 6th November to 18th November with attendance expected from world... Read more