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How to sell raised floor

10 Mar 2023

At RMF we are market leaders in recycling and reuse of raised floor. We make it simple for demolition experts and demolition professionals to safely and sustainably get rid of raised access flooring, often known as computer floor, floating floor and many other names! So how to you sell or recycle raised floor? Firstly take some pictures of the panels as follows; Side... Read more

Collaboration is key

03 Mar 2023

At RMF we know we are only as good as the team around us and this extends to those we partner with. With this in mind we are delighted to announce a new partnership with Tarkett and Scott Young Research Ltd (SYR). We have worked with Tarkett and SYR to support their new innovation which is the ‘Centre of Excellence’. The centre is designed to be an innovative way to... Read more

RMF achieve new status!

23 Feb 2023

RMF are delighted to announce that we have successfully achieved FSC® Chain of custody status. So what does this mean in practical terms for our clients and contractors? It means that our new UK manufactured panels are sold without any break in the chain of custody and are sold with full FSC® certification and ensuring full compliance with all legislation. It also means... Read more

What is a carbon footprint?

17 Feb 2023

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases (GHG’s) emitted by a person, organisation, product, event or other entity. GHG’s include carbon dioxide (the most common gas emitted by humans), methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases. A carbon footprint results from the production, use and end of life of a product or service. A standard which enables carbon... Read more

Sporting Sponsor - Joe Guest-Bourne

10 Feb 2023

RMF are delighted to announce our second sporting sponsorship of 2023 as the new proud sponsor of Joe Guest-Bourne. Joe is an amateur super heavy weight boxer with an incredibly bright future ahead of him. Joe is currently training out of Cleary’s Boxing gym in Leamington Spa and despite only entering the world of boxing at 23 years old he is on track to head towards a... Read more