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Making squares circular!

At RMF we are always looking for new ways to innovate and make construction even more sustainable. We know that our clients look to us to lead in the field of sustainable raised flooring solutions which is why the development of our Circular panel solution was a natural next step for our RMF Eco Range offering.

What is it?

Our Circular Panel Solution simply involves the reuse of existing raised floor back into the building they were initially removed from.

How does it work?

The first stage is to survey the existing raised flooring, during the initial free survey RMF will advise if the raised floor is suitable for reuse or not. Once the raised floor has been deemed suitable for reuse RMF will work with the appointed demolition team to reclaim all whole panels from site. RMF provide all pallets, banding and equipment at no cost along with free transport off site.

Next all panels are hand cleaned, hand inspected and subject to random in house testing. Depending on the programme for re-installation RMF can offer storage of the panels or immediate redelivery to site for install.

RMF reinstall the panels onto new PSA pedestals and once complete we give the floor a new RMF 25 year full system warranty.

Why would I use this?

The nature of reclaimed materials means it is always subject to availability and by reusing the existing raised floor you will only have a minimal amount of circa 10% of the panels to source either from our existing stock or installation of new RMF panels. The Circular panel solution offers an ultimately fully circular solution for raised flooring. We advise considering reuse via our RMF Eco Range or circular panel solution when the project has high sustainability requirements such as BREEAM, WELL, NABERS etc.

How do I get started with this on my project?

We strongly advise speaking to RMF about the options for your raised floor at the early design stages. By specifying RMF in your tender documents you have greater control over the outcomes for your raised flooring.

If you have any questions about our Circular panel solution then contact our specification team on 01926 425289 or email


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