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What is a raised floor plenum?

A raised floor plenum refers to the space or void that exists between the structural floor and the raised floor system in a building. In commercial buildings, data centers, and some office spaces, a raised floor system is often installed to provide an accessible space for running various services such as electrical wiring, data cables, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air... Read more


How to Specify a Raised Access Floor: A Comprehensive Guide

Specifying a raised access floor system is a crucial step in creating a functional and adaptable space. Whether it's an office, data center, or any other commercial environment, a well-designed raised access floor offers a multitude of benefits. However, it requires careful consideration and planning to ensure it meets the specific requirements of your project. In this blog,... Read more


The Benefits of Raised Access Floor

Elevated Spaces: The Benefits of Raised Access Flooring in the UK   In recent years, raised access flooring has gained popularity as a versatile and efficient solution for creating functional and flexible spaces in the UK. This innovative flooring system, also known as raised modular flooring, offers numerous benefits that are making it a go-to choice for commercial,... Read more


The lowest carbon raised floor panel on the market

RE-USE ALWAYS BEATS NEW AND DOES NOT COME AT A PREMIUM! At RMF we are delighted to see that the raised flooring industry has finally begun to innovate in terms of design and lower carbon materials. The PSA specification has since its inception in 1992 only had minor tweaks and shockingly none of these consider more responsible sourcing methods. At RMF we are delighted to... Read more


Global Recycling Day 2023

At RMF we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve on all thing sustainability, circular economy and waste reduction. With this in mind we thought it important with Global Recycling Day on 18th March to note the value to be held in our ‘seventh resource’ – recycling! The below overview from the Global Recycling Foundation summarises perfectly the importance of the day and... Read more