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Medium grade V Medium Duty - Raising up the question!

17 Jul 2020

Medium Grade vs Medium Duty? So what on earth is the difference? Even the names are pretty similar but there is a difference and worth keeping an eye out on what is actually specified and being offered. The Property Services Agency (PSA) Method of Building Performance Specification 'Platform Floors (Raised Access Floors)', MOB PF2 PS , became the industry standard in the UK... Read more

Top of the tree!

10 Jul 2020

As we progress along our circular economy journey, the more we learn as an organisation about the various processes and procedures in place around waste management and sustainability. This week at RMF we were introduced in greater detail to the Waste Hierachy, a guidance produced by DEFRA. The waste hierarchy gives top priority to preventing waste in the first place. When... Read more

Fantastic Four Finals!

01 Jul 2020

Here at RMF HQ we love nothing more than sharing good news and celebrating as a team, and we recently had some more good news to share! We have been selected as a finalist for the National Recycling Awards hosted by the NRA awards. We have been selected for our RMF eco panels in the Circular Economy Initiative category.  As you will see from our proud heritage our RMF Eco... Read more

We are Game Changers!!

26 Jun 2020

We are delighted to annouce we have been selected as founding members of Encore Environment's 'Enviro Game Changers' Group  The Enviro Gamechangers Network (EGN) is a platform for Encore Environment’s client supply chain organisations to learn, promote and share environmental sustainability expertise and knowledge. The network aims to empower its members through... Read more

A reason to celebrate!

16 Jun 2020

As the world begins to creep back to a new 'normal' we are delighted to be able to share with you some good news from RMF HQ! We have won our first award of 2020! Well not just one actually, two! We are very proud to announce that we have been given the following awards from the SME News UK Enterprise Awards 2020; Best Raised Access Flooring Supply & Installation Company... Read more