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                          RMF Panel D-Tac

RMF are the UK's largest raised floor recycling company.

Reclaimed panels from existing strip out refurbishment projects typically arrive to us with old carpet tackifier and builders residue on them as they are often used as the working platform for the strip out phase. This tackify residue has always been problematic to remove… until now!

Our unique RMF D-tac solution applied to the panels enables the professional adhesive and dirt removal by our operatives as individual panels for whole project reistalltation or instu on site.

RMF D-tac in action on individual a pre-used steel faced chipboard core raised floor panel, and a Tate cementicious core panel. After the process is complete it leaves a perfectly serviceable raised floor panel for future use. This process can also be applied on site across the whole area of existing floor to avoid removal, ideal for clients looking to re let complete CAT B fit out areas or to individual tiles as shown ready for re installation.

Cleaning in action on a chipboard core, steel faced panel

Clean result on the chipboard core, steel faced panel

Site cleaning floor is being prepared for in situ RMF D-tac cleaning

Completed area after in situ RMF site D-tac and buff