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A tanking tale!

It is believed that around 75% of post-construction problems with buildings are due to water ingress. Because of this, it’s vital that adequate waterproofing solutions are put into place as early as possible in the construction process.

90% of water intrusion happens at building junctions, such as seams between facades or between roof tiles, hence the requirement for the preparation that occurs prior to raised flooring being installed.

Plant rooms should be sealed with epoxy floor coating, and fully bund-lined tanking should be used under raised access floors. Fabricated steel bunding systems are required to retain water leakages such as from a burst pipe or fire sprinkler.

In simple terms the tanking is the area being waterproofed and the bund angle is the metal ‘l’ shaped edging that borders the area to prevent any water escaping and causing further flooding. Tanking and bunding is typically used at points where there is the possibility of a leak such as WC and kitchen areas.

At RMF we work closely with the main contractor and architect on each project to ensure that we install the raised flooring compliantly and to ensure the area is waterproofed as necessary.  


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