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You can't beat experience!

To quote the genius that is Albert Einstein ‘ The only source of knowledge is experience’ a philosophy that we fully subscribe to at RMF HQ. Our 31 year heritage has taught us many valuable lessons over the years, from how to successfully complete projects through to establishing a healthy and productive culture within our team.

At RMF across our contracts, estimating and sales team alone we have a combined industry experience of 77 years, this is wisdom that cannot be bought. As many of our newer recruits have quickly learnt there is no ‘raised flooring handbook’, it is an art, a craft and a trade that has to be taught via experience and passed down by those with the greatest experience. One particularly impressive skill our teams have is identifying older raised flooring systems from circa 10-20 years ago simply from a picture – they can also give their honest opinion on whether a floor remains fit for reuse or is better to be removed and recycled.

We have seen a rise in newcomers to the industry of late and many have understandably chosen to try to imitate the RMF Eco Range, we welcome healthy competition and having traded the RMF Eco Range for over 8 years we are confident in our own proposition.

Culture is often a topic many associate with the big tech companies such as Google HQ or Apple and their funky break out spaces, flexible working patterns and a modern twist on the ‘traditional office’. However at RMF HQ we are minus the slides (we have stairs!) and free from gimmicks, we simply aim to enjoy our jobs, have a laugh and remove the negativity and office politics. We have worked hard over the years to foster a positive culture which having doubled our workforce over the past 7 years is something we are very proud of having maintained.

So if you are after a team with experience, a positive culture and a combined industry experience of over 70 years then you need the RMF Team. To discuss your next project, call 01926 425289.


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