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We are Game Changers!!

We are delighted to annouce we have been selected as founding members of Encore Environment's 'Enviro Game Changers' Group 

The Enviro Gamechangers Network (EGN) is a platform for Encore Environment’s client supply chain organisations to learn, promote and share environmental sustainability expertise and knowledge. The network aims to empower its members through collaborative thinking and action to influence their client’s environmental strategies, focusing on priority areas such as reuse and recycling, waste management, social value and carbon reduction.

Encore Environment’s ethos has always been to challenge the traditional routes of waste disposal by offering its clients in the construction industry alternative, data-driven methods of waste management. This encourages construction companies to make responsible decisions that are better for the environment and have a positive impact on the wider community. To build on this culture, the Enviro Gamechangers network will bring all sectors of the construction supply chain together for an all-round perspective on positioning businesses for a sustainable future.

Rachel Rowley, managing director at Encore Environment said: “I have been involved, in some shape or form, across all sectors on the subject of the environment and realised there is no better time to get the innovative, ahead of the curve companies within our clients supply chain together, to share the expertise and the wealth of knowledge we have.

“Our members are passionate about the value they bring to their clients and really want to have a positive impact on the environment, however sometimes being a SME, when dealing with multi-national or global organisations, it can hinder getting to the right person. The strategic senior levels are shouting out for value, a point of difference, social value and waste and carbon reduction but our size can make getting past procurement difficult. On one hand, we are agile and nimble, so can bring dynamic innovation but, on our own, we often don’t stand a chance against large competitors. I believe the supply chain working together can make a difference.

“With Enviro Gamechangers, we hope to facilitate this through increased collaboration and knowledge transfer. To be more than a product supplier, but to be a trusted advisor influencing environmental and sustainability best practice. Of course, we have to remain competitive but what price would you put on saving the planet?”

Members of EGN all offer sustainable products, reuse and recycling schemes, green technology, and environmental services and consultancy.

The EGN is invite only and members have been carefully selected to ensure we can work collaboratively and effectively together, we had our first introductory meeting last week and we have no doubt the network will be a huge success and one to watch. Our Sales and Marketing Manager Rebecca is representing RMF at the EGN and she said 'I am delighted to represent RMF at the EGN, I look forward to sharing our experience and lessons learnt via our circular economy initiatives and I look forward to learning from the other members and their varied skills and expertise.' 

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