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Trash or Treasure - the great raised flooring dilemma

With the strip out and re-fit rate on most commercial office space happening every ten years or less, the scale and volume of waste that goes hand in hand with this churn rate is undeniable.

Here at RMF we have fitted new and recycled raised flooring into the same buildings twice or more in our 31 year history. However our industry has a very big problem, it contributes to over 70% of landfill waste and we know we can be doing much more to work towards becoming more sustainable and reducing our impact.

Recently we were sent the below image by a well meaning demolition contractor looking to minimise the waste produced by a recent strip out project. However, this pile of panels will sadly enter landfill like so many others. The volume pictured is roughly 1,000 panels which represents a very small project in comparison to many of the projects we see, however this is not an infrequent occurence.

So where did it all go wrong? Causing excess damage and leaving raised flooring outside makes it unusable as the chipboard core swells in wet or damp conditions rendering it unfit for reuse.


So what positive steps can you take to ensure that your raised floor stays clear of landfill:

  1. Take a picture of the underside corner and edge of the floor panel.
  2. Give RMF a call on 01926 425289 or send us your pictures to with details of the site address, collection restrictions and approximate quantities.
  3. If we can take the panels we will provide you with banding, pallet trucks and pallets for a simple and speedy collection saving you time, money and reducing your environmental impact.

By recycling the raised flooring on strip out projects you not only reduce the overall environmental impact of the project but you can also offer your clients a reduction in their waste disposal costs. On the re-fit side a recycled raised flooring system provides the same value engineered benefits perfect for a CAT-B fit out, as the floor has simply become less aesthetically pleasing however they remain entirely fit for purpose. When a recycled system is installed into a project the client can claim BREEAM points under the reuse of materials and they have the additional peace of mind of a fully warrantied system installed onto a new steel pedestal under structure.

In summary, think green, and BREEAM before you dispose of your existing raised floor! If in doubt get in touch, we would be happy to discuss our recycled raised flooring solutions.  

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