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A token of thanks from RMF to our heroes!

The RMF team were delighted to share a small token of our gratitude and thanks to all the key workers and NHS heroes keeping the country safe, fed and cared for during the pandemic. Our warehouse teams and our directors Simon and Ian designed and co-ordinated forming the NHS lettering and a heart shape. The feature involved moving 2,720 raised flooring panels with a total weight of 27,200kg into the car parking at our head offices, a true team effort.

We managed to plan and arrange the feature whilst keeping a safe social distance from one another and ensured only a skeleton team was involved to ensure maximum safety of the team during the installation.

The images and photography of the installation were captured thanks to the skill and knowledge of Allan from UAVCS (  Allan’s knowledge and skill ensured we got the best shots and he is a true professional. All shots were taken on a recreational basis as Allan donated his time, drone and expertise for free.

The featured raised floor panels are our RMF eco panels which is our second user system meaning that without the involvement of RMF these panels would have entered into landfill. At RMF we are certain that there will be a renewed focus on sustainability particularly in construction after the pandemic. At RMF we will continue to work with contractors, designers and all involved in new projects to support a more sustainable approach to building design and fit out. We are confident that the expertise we have gained over the past 7 years in the re-use of materials makes us well placed to offer guidance and another solution to always using a new flooring system.

We would like to take this opportunity once again to thank everyone for keeping us safe and we will continue to adhere to all social distancing guidance to keep you safe too. From everyone at RMF – thank you!


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