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RMF Contribute to Circular Economy Guidance

Back in January 2020 RMF were approached by the UK Green Building Council to offer our expertise on the reuse of materials. At RMF we have formed a key part of the circular economy via our initiatives in recycling and reusing raised flooring panels. Over the past 7 years we have successfully diverted over 1million raised floor panels entering into landfill a true testament to our commitment to encourage the reuse of materials in construction where possible. 

Given our knowledge and experience in the re-use of materials the UKGBC called upon RMF to form part of their industry expert panel to form new guidance documents around the reuse of materials and materials as a service. We are delighted to see the finished documents succesfully launched online today and a copy can be found here

Following our successful contribution to the guides RMF decided to become members of the UKGBC as their philosophy and mission closely aligns with ours around making construction and the built environment more sustainble and removing the barriers surrounding reuse of materials. At RMF we realise that we still have plenty to learn and new connections to be made to enhance what we offer with our Eco Panels and this was another influencing factor surrounding our decision to become members of the UKGBC. 

We were heartened to see over 150 participants at the launch of the guidance today and we feel this marks a significant step in the right direction in the understanding and implementation of circular economy principles. 

Should you wish to discuss utilising RMF Eco Panels in your next fit-out project or if you have panels being removed from a strip out project then please do not hesitate to contact us at 


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