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RMF and the Circular Economy

RMF are delighted to have worked with the UKGBC on producing their latest guidance paper on reuse of materials, this will build upon the first circular economy principle outlined in the ‘2019 UKGBC Guidance: A -Reuse’. As a company we have formed a key part of the circular economy via our reclamation and reuse of existing raised access floor panels and moving into 2020 we are renewing our focus on this sustainable and environmentally focussed element to our business.

We were also delighted to form part of the industry panel at the most recent UKGBC event on 6th February hosted by AECOM which focussed on the new innovations within the circular economy.  The Mayor’s updated London Plan will require all new developments referable to the mayor – these include those with 150 or more residential units or buildings over 30m in height – to submit a Circular Economy Statement. Revealed last year as part of the new draft London Plan, the Circular Economy Statement must show: how demand for materials and construction waste will be minimised; how secondary materials can be used; and how new materials are being specified to enable their reuse.

Our initiative in 'Eco' provides a cost effective solution for office refurbishments. The market we operate in has seen the price of raw materials sky rocket and concerns about energy security and the long term impact of global warming now weight more heavily in the minds of us and our customers.

We were influenced to create the Eco Range as part of our ongoing environmental commitment, we appreciate our industry contributed to the ever increasing environmental impact with circa 36% of landfill waste coming from construction and it is our goal with the Eco Range to rapidly reduce this.

We are conscious that many of our competitors have avoided the reclamation of panels as the removal, cleaning and preparing can be very labour intensive. The environment and our clients budgets make the initial effort and outlay worthwhile. Many of our competitors simply offer 'shiny new floors' or a variation without giving them an alternative solution that benefits them both financially and environmentally.

Our vision is that Eco panels become the market leader for our industry. We undertake random tests on 'used panels' prior to reconditioning them ensuring they are fit for purpose. We endeavour to retain our status as 'setting the standard' on Eco panels and with our 10,000sq ft facility we can offer a viable product with a user warranty that offers great value and saves both C02. We are constantly improving our process to recycle panels.

Our product offering is key in our involvement in the circular economy, we have ensured these panels have not contributed to construction landfill and are being used in a sustainable manner. In just four years of offering our Eco Range panels, we have saved more than 1million panels from going into landfill, which is saving a hole big enough to fit 1000 double decker buses inside, this figure increases daily.

We welcome the opportunity to do CPD style events for our architect colleagues and we are happy to discuss future strip out and renovation projects prior to commencement.

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