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RMF Celebrate 25 years of flooring excellence!

Founded in 1989 by Jon and Dawn Biggerstaff, RMF celebrates its 25th anniversary. RMF is today, a major specialist contractor in the supply and installation of new and recycled raised access flooring throughout Europe with a multimillion pound turnover.

Jon the CEO of RMF commented “RMF wouldn't be where it's at today without the support of our customers; the past 25 years, battling through two recessions and now the latest “banking crisis” has been a real journey in which we have survived, we feel quite honoured to have shared with all of them. RMF’s company's culture really reflects the fundamental rule which is treating people with equal importance to the business itself. We will continue to be very focused on excellence, the relationship between our employees, clients and offering a quality product to the best value in mind. The company’s continued success is because we have such great people working here. It's not unusual to see people that have worked here for 10 years, 20 years and even the entire 25 years we have been in business. I believe this is a rare attribute of a company to have so many employees stay for so long"

Simon Middleton, Sales Director expressed “RMF is a unique company because we are never afraid of change or diversification and we are able to adapt to most circumstances. Through our initiatives and diversification we have developed into the UK’s largest raised floor recycling company. We work hard together and have fun together. The strong family environment is really a tribute to what Jon and Dawn created 25 years ago and continue to foster to this day. I am privileged to work with such great people, It's a true family business with no hidden agendas”.

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