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How to sell raised floor

At RMF we are market leaders in recycling and reuse of raised floor. We make it simple for demolition experts and demolition professionals to safely and sustainably get rid of raised access flooring, often known as computer floor, floating floor and many other names!

So how to you sell or recycle raised floor? Firstly take some pictures of the panels as follows;

  • Side edge of the panel
  • Underside of the panel
  • Pedestal supporting the panel
  • Barcodes and markings on the panel

Once you have these images send them to RMF at along with the approximate meterage and site location. On receipt of this RMF will confirm if the panels are suitable for reuse or are best for recycling.

If the panels are suitable for reuse RMF will give you the best prices in the market per panel. RMF also send all pallets, banding and equipment to safely lift and palletise the panels. Once your panels are ready for collection, RMF send in transport to collect from the ground floor at no cost.

We make it as simple, safe and profitable as possible to sell your raised floor. If you have any questions on selling your raised floor contact us on 01926 425289.

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