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Raised floor removal - made simple

Are you pricing a soft strip or demolition project where raised floor is being removed? If the answer is yes then we strongly advise you read on. At RMF we have been working with demolition contractors nationwide to help them save their clients money for over 30 years.

The first step is to contact RMF with pictures of the raised floor panels as follows;

  • Side edge of the panel
  • Underside of the panel (part facing the sub floor when installed)
  • Pedestal supporting the panel
  • Any barcodes or markings (yellow or green stripes)

Once we have these images we can identify if the panel has the potential for re-use. If it does we will send pallets, banding equipment and comprehensive instructions on how to simply lift, stack and band the panels for collection. The process is as simple as it gets and we even send transport to collect at no cost to you or your client.

If we cannot reuse the panels we can divert you to our trusted recycling partners to assist in disposal.

If you have any questions on the safe and sustainable removal of raised floor then contact RMF on 01926 425289 or


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