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Circular office fit out - The benefits

At RMF we are seeing an increasing number of clients engaging with our technical teams to discuss their options surrounding full project circularity. With reference to the raised flooring within their existing buildings clients are rightly coming to the conclusion that their raised floor has been designed to last and simply replacing with new isn’t always the only option.

At RMF we work closely with the client to discuss programme, survey and point load test samples of their existing raised floor to give them an expert review over the condition of their existing raised floor and it’s potential for reuse.

As the world's largest and longest standing supplier of recycled raised flooring, we have expert knowledge to share with our clients and can advise on which systems can or cannot be reused. 

Once the project is on site and a programme is agreed RMF logistics team work closely with the nominated demolition team to remove panels from site for cleaning, random testing and return to site for reinstallation with a 25 year warranty. RMF also provide all pallets, banding and transport at no cost to the client or demolition contractor thus reducing the cost of the strip out works.

At RMF we have a vast portfolio of works completed where projects have remained circular and our robust process has been developed over the past 30 years. If you are looking to make your next office fit out more circular then contact or specialist team on 01926 425289.

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