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Circular construction - RMF top tips

A recent study by property expert Knight Frank showed that buildings with BREAAM ‘Excellent’ results in a 4.7 per cent rental premium whilst an ‘Outstanding’ rating - results in a significant 12.3 per cent premium. In the simplest terms, a green building will command a higher rental yield.  With this in mind what are the top things to consider when improving the circularity and sustainability on new interior office fit out projects?

  1. Early engagement at planning stage with specialist sub contractors – taking our RMF Eco range as a worked example, the earlier we are engaged at design stage the sooner we can offer the client a number of both cost and carbon saving options including a take back scheme for their existing raised floor.


  1. Consider re-use as an option before new – are there recycled or re-used products that could be included within the building design?


  1. Be clear on the drivers and core objectives – is it cost and carbon reduction as a priority or is aesthetics a key concern? Ensuring that from the design team through to the end agent marketing the property are all clear on the objectives is key.


  1. Expertise of those on the project – are the team completing say the take back or re-install of a recycled product confident doing so and do they have a proven track record. As the world’s largest raised floor recycling company we understand the best and worst legacy systems on the market and we only take back those we are confident we can re-install and warranty.


We are delighted to see attitudes to reuse and recycling changing for the right reasons and our RMF Eco range has never been in such high demand as it is now! If you have any questions about project circularity or the reuse of raised floor then get in touch.


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