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Green buildings - The future of 2022

Following COP26 every sector was flooded with promises and plans to deliver on the aspirations laid out in Glasgow. Whilst it is probably too early to assess the delivery on any of these objectives, we are going to look inward at the construction sector and consider why now is not the time for green washing and net zero must be a priority.

Any commercial business will have objectives, goals and targets for 2022. At RMF we operate within the construction sector, and we have done for the past 30 years. We have noticed an increasing interest and demand for our RMF Eco range over the past 10 years which has led us to question why? So, we have summarised the key themes as to why sustainability is not only a nice tick in the ESG box.

  1. Ethics - we know that our impact on the planet is undeniable from extreme weather events to the overall increase in the planet’s temperature, we must act now to combat global warming.
  2. Rental Yield- A study by property expert Knight Frank showed that buildings with BREAAM ‘Excellent’ results in a 4.7 per cent rental premium whilst an ‘Outstanding’ rating - results in a significant 12.3 per cent premium. In the simplest terms, a green building will command a higher rental yield.
  3. Cost saving - A UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) study in September 2020 pointed to a cost premium of between 8% and 17% to deliver a building aligned with net zero performance. However, the RMF Eco range by virtue of being a re-used product is a cost saving vs. its new counterpart. It is also worth noting that whilst there remains a cost premium for green buildings that it is still moderate showing how they are no longer cost prohibitive

Over our 30-year trading history we have seen the interior fit out market continually evolve, and we already have noted the correlation between those who adopted our re-used offering earlier have continued to remain as market leaders.

In summary, green buildings are not just a 'nice to have' they are and must be the future of the office/co-working/commercial interior fit out arena.

If you would like to discuss how the RMF Eco range could offer you a cost and carbon reduction, then contact us on 01926 425289.

RMF Eco range - saving the planet, one panel at a time.


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