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RMF COP26 Comment - Week 2

Moving into the second week of COP26 the conference continues to grab headlines around the world and rightly so. We have seen over 200 nations represented and the renewed focus on achieving net zero and limiting the rise in global warming rightly be a key topic of conversation across all sectors.

So what have been the highlights since last week;


Friday 5th November

  • Co chairs conclusions of education and environment minister summit at COP26 – a statement signed by Environment ministers ensuring that education of their nations plays a key role in combatting climate change. Various comments regarding supporting the private sector with transitions to green energy and carbon neutral economies.


Saturday 6th November

  • Policy dialogue on accelerating transition to sustainable agriculture through redirecting public policies and support and scaling innovation – commentary on urgent need for transformation in agriculture and food systems and how this can be achieved by investment and policy making
  • The global action agenda for innovation in agriculture – launched by Lord Goldsmith back in January 2021, aims to support agricultural research and innovation to create more climate resilient and low emission technologies and practices.


Sunday 7th November

  • Rest day


Monday 8th November

  • $232 million committed to the adaptation fund
  • Global leaders commit to a shift towards locally led adaptation and over $450m mobilised for initiatives and programmes enhancing locally led approaches
  • UK Announces £290m in funding for adaptation today including £274m for Climate action for a resilient Asia (CARA) programme
  • 88 countries are now covered by National Adaptation Plans (NAP’s) to increase preparedness to climate risks with 38 published last year.


Tuesday 9th November

  • Breakthrough Agenda; launching an annual global checkpoint process – commitment to review progress annually starting in 2022
  • New mission innovation missions – the 22 governments participating and the European commission facilitated 4 new ‘missions’ to encourage investment into technologies to support climate change reduction.


Wednesday 10th November

  • Clydebank Declaration for green shipping corridors – acknowledging the impact the seas and shipping has on global climate change, supporting more zero emission maritime routes and innovation.
  • COP26 declaration on accelerating the transition to 100% zero emission cars and vans – various signatories from governments to car manufacturers have signed to commit to the transition to electric cars and vehicles.
  • International Aviation climate ambition coalition – recognising the aviation industries contribution to CO2 emissions whilst also supporting the industries recovery from COVID-19.


Thursday 11th November

  • Zero emission vehicles transition council 2022 – group aim is to support a rapid global transition to zero emission vehicles (ZEV)


As COP26 draws to a close we look forward to seeing how the statements and pledges translate into rapid and tangible actions. We will be sharing our COP26 next week when the conference has fully concluded.


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