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The RMF Eco range & The Circular Economy Hand-book

RMF are delighted to have been invited to contribute to a newly published book 'The Hand-Book to Building a Circular Economy'. The book's author is David Cheshire, David is a Director at Aecom specialising in sustainability in the built environment. David has over 25 years experience acting as a sustainability champion across various high profile projects in the built environment and the book is his second published.

Here is the books synopsis;

This book is a call to arms.

To avoid a climate catastrophe and achieve a regenerative built environment, the use of new materials and any excess waste in resources need to be cut out from the very beginning of the design process. This requires far-reaching change in established industry processes.

How might this begin? What are the key fundamentals you need to know? How can a more effective model be applied? This book, a much-updated second edition of the author's previous work Building Revolutions, answers all of your questions.

A must-have companion to helping create a more sustainable future, this book explains in simple and practical terms how the principles of a circular economy can be applied to the built environment, thereby reducing the resources required to construct, fit-out, maintain and refurbish buildings.

RMF feature over two pages of the book on pages 124-125 where David has explained our journey with our RMF Eco range and he comments ‘ RMF meet the gold standard as a circular economy broker’.

You can purchase a copy of the book at a variety of outlets or click here

The book is available in print and digital format at the printed version has been printed on recycled paper carbon balanced by the World Land Trust and with eco friendly vegetable based inks.

The book is not only some great PR for us but most importantly educated approval and support for what we have doing for over 10 years. In short to solve the climate crisis the future is reuse and the RMF Eco range!


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