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The Construction Playbook - key themes

The newly launched Construction Playbook provides a new comprehensive overview on how the UK Government expects contractors to procure public sector work. In 2018, public sector works contributed some £117 billion to the UK economy, as well as supporting over two million jobs. The Construction Playbook outlines what government expects from these works, from new roads and railway lines to schools, hospitals and prisons.

The Playbook gives clarity on how construction sector will be involved with both the UK’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and objectives to bring greenhouse gas emissions down to net zero by 2050.

Green initiatives in the Playbook include promoting the use of carbon assessments to understand and minimise the greenhouse emissions of projects.

Other specific measures include:

  • Providing greater certainty to industry through long term plans for key programmes. This will include longer term contracting across a range of areas which will give industry the certainty required to invest in new technologies, delivering improved productivity and efficiency savings
  • Incentivising industry to innovate by focusing on the output of what we want a project to achieve, rather than micromanaging how it is done
  • Modernising construction by standardising designs and parts, as well as embedding digital technologies including the UK Building Information Management Framework
  • Greater focus on building positive relationships with robust contract management between project leads and industry
  • Learning lessons from the Grenfell Tower tragedy, the Construction Playbook also makes it clear that the construction sector must put safety at the heart of everything it does.

The Construction Playbook has been created following months of detailed talks between the government and leaders within construction. The measures launched today have been backed by construction firms and business associations from across the industry.

Whilst the construction playbook is aimed at main contractors we realise it’s wide reaching impact as we endevour to be a sub contractor that is ahead of the curve and up to date on sector developments.

For more details of the Construction Playbook visit here

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