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Net zero - why are we doing it?

The focus on sustainability, net zero buildings and construction being less wasteful is rightly gaining serious momentum and traction. But we can't help feeling a resounding doubt as to the rationale behind it and are we being led by the right reasons from the outset?

The UK government has committed to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. This is a game changing piece of legislation holding the government in power to account to achieving this.

Within the construction industry we are notoriously wasteful and as an industry we contribute to 38% of world carbon emissions. The energy intensity per square meter of the global buildings sector needs to improve on average by 30% by 2030 (compared to 2015) to be on track to meet global climate ambitions set out in the Paris Agreement, an ambitious target.

One thing that strikes in our industry is what is driving the decisions. Is it the client, the architect or the contractor. Or is it us as individuals? Does the cost matter? There are so many factors and wider reasons behind why we need this change.

However at the risk of being rather fluffy in a typically very 'at the coal face' industry. For us it is not only the right thing to do but it is the legacy we leave behind. Whether we have children or not, we have small eyes watching us. We leave our world behind for the next generation. Every wasteful and cost driven decision we make over a sustainable option, leaves less for them.

If we focus on leaving better buildings for the next generation, we believe we can’t go far wrong. As after all looking at the bigger picture can mean both longer term cost savings over short term cheaper solutions.

Our industry has some hurdles to jump in terms of perception of 'recycled and reused' and some dated views on aesthetics but that is a topic for another day. For now let's focus on our legacy and making that one to be proud of.

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