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Case Studies

New & Eco Range - Aviation Client

We were delighted to have been awarded the contract for the installation of the raised flooring systems for a main contractor working with a client in the defence and aviation industry. The project spanned 129,600ft of light industrial warehouse of which 56,000sqft is a two-story office space.

The raised flooring required on the project was our area of focus and the design was to include a double height reception area, meeting suite, kitchen and canteen amenities alongside open plan office space, an apprentice training room facility and a vast demonstration suite. The clients vision was to enhance the customer and employee journey throughout the office allowing it to flow seamlessly between various departments and sectors of the building.

One key challenge faced by our client was that the landowner had intended for 16,000sqft in the original plans however the client required 56,000sft, to resolve this demand for additional space we worked with the contractor to create a large enclosed space with an antistatic raised access floor which the client uses as a demonstration suite to display their airport scanning and robotic products.

The client also opted for various raised flooring systems throughout to cater for the various needs and load bearing requirements throughout the building both heavy grade and medium grade systems. The client also benefitted from a cost saving by using our RMF Eco Range to build their demonstration platform, this provided them with a second user, randomly tested and fully warrantied product with a cost saving of around 20% versus a new system.

We look forward to working with this contractor in the future and our understanding is that the landowner was delighted with the final result and that the build met their envisaged goals for the site.


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