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Case Studies

An Eco- Cafe install - Spianata

We often post about Commercial Cat-A and Cat-B fit out's however we also do a healthy trade in the retail and catering sectors. We were pleased to have worked closely with the design team of this Italian Cafe to create their desired 'industrial finish' in both the dining and preperation space. As you can see from the pictures the flooring produces the desired feel and ties in the theme of the cafe consistently. 

The entire flooring system was 200m2 and we installed our 'eco panels' throughout the entire cafe, through the use of our eco system the client was able to save 20% vs a new flooring system. In addition to the cost saving element, the installation also gave the client the peace of mind that their new flooring had a reduced carbon footprint and ensured their project formed part of the circular economy via the re-use of the flooring panels. 

We work with a variety of retail and hospitality clients who realise the value of installing new and eco raised flooring panels and we are always happy to discuss potential projects on a consultation only basis. 


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