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Case Studies

Confidential Client - Global hospitality client

When we think of raised access flooring the first things that jump to mind are normally large data halls or your typical large office building. However raised flooring can be installed in any industry. RMF are the UK supplier and installer for a global hospitality client who owns 100’s of restaurants throughout the UK. So far this year we have installed 1,000’s of m2 for this client as their UK expansion continues.

The client operates within the fast food sector and due to large equipment and to maximise the use of space whilst ensuring staff safety throughout their restaurants they have opted for raised floor rather than a screed solution.

The client is also cost and carbon savvy and they always select our RMF eco range for every new fit out, they do so with the peace of mind of a 25 year full system warranty, the knowledge that all panels are hand cleaned, checked and randomly tested.

So if you are considering a space, carbon or cost saving on your next project regardless of the sector, team RMF are the people to speak to about your raised flooring requirements.


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