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Case Studies

Tech client re-fit

RMF were appointed as the sole raised flooring contractor by a major UK fit out company to complete the supply and installation of raised flooring for an international technology company. The client in question is a global tech leader who was relocating to a larger premises and the re-fit of their new space covered both office space and a large data hall on one of the floors.

RMF’s scope of works was as follows;

798 m2 of Heavy Grade Vinyl Raised Access floor to LAB area

690m2 of lowering of existing raised floor in office space

2.5m2 of ramp installations

As the client is an industry tech leader and understandably takes security very seriously we will not share images of the data hall, site location and wider floor plate in the office areas. However we can show you a picture below of our beautifully constructed steps and handrail – what a beauty!


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