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Case Studies

Hotel Refurbishment Project

We decided to have a change from the usual office CAT-A and CAT-B projects with our latest case study! We were comissioned by a leading fit out contractor to refurbish the existing raised flooring system in the communal area of an international hotel chain in Watford. 

The client required the existing raised floor to be lowered to suit a 140mm floor void for services to run through. RMF worked on 268 m2 of existing raised floor, removing the existing pedestals and reinstalling the floor onto a new all steel pedestal under strucutre. 

Given the high end nature of the hotel they had opted for a visually appealing variety of floor coverings including carpets and ceramics. To allow for the varied floor coverings to blend seamlessly and to ensure that they do not create a trip hazard the RMF team were required to complete what is known as 'split line cutting' 

Split line cutting is when two floor coverings meet over the top of a raised floor panel and in a 'non straight' shape such as a 'u' curve pattern, this means the raised floor requires cutting, lowering and reinforcing on additional pedestals at the 'cut point'. Split line cutting needs to be done to the exact milimetre to ensure that when the floor coverings are laid that they marry up perfectly with no 'lip' or height difference. 

By calling on RMF's expertise and skills to re-lay the existing floor the client was able to save the cost of installing a new raised flooring system and also minimise the environmental impact of the project, a double win! 

We don't just install new and recycled flooring systems, we work with contractors to ascertain the most cost effective solution to the raised flooring required and we will always look to maximise cost and environmental savings where possible. 

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