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The RMF 5 Step Sustainability Policy

At RMF we realise that business success and environmental policy should operate as one agenda, without both working in tandem we wouldn’t have had a 30 year legacy to be proud of, however we are now ready to take this to the next stage.

Our objective has always been to deliver our work safely, on time, in budget and to our clients high expectations of us, however we realise this alone isn’t enough. To ensure our business aligns with and actively supports the governments legislation for the UK to achieve net Zero Carbon by 2050 we have created our own RMF sustainability policy.

  1. We are honest

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do at RMF. We communicate openly with suppliers, contractors and clients throughout their relationship with us. Most importantly we are open with our team, we constructively challenge one another to look at alternatives to working more sustainably, reducing our individual waste and we welcome new ideas.

  1. We educate

We use our experience in the reuse of materials to continue to educate others on the benefits, cost savings and environmental impact of the circular economy. We share the lessons we have learnt and we are open and honest about our successes and failures so others can learn from these too. We contribute and offer to share our knowledge with education facilities, charities, thought groups and many more without commercial gain.

  1. We learn

We realise that whilst we have significant experience in our sector we can always be learning and developing our own knowledge. We keep up to date on industry standards and guidance around the sustainability agenda and net zero carbon. We value the opinions of others and we seek constructive feedback on how we operate. We encourage our team to further their own knowledge and allow them the freedom to manage their professional development as part of their working day.

  1. We innovate

We never settle and assume we have ‘finished’ where sustainability is concerned. We look for ways to evaluate and improve our products and service to reduce our environmental impact. We seek to be a trusted professional and a thought leader in the reuse of materials.

  1. We Collaborate

We realise that to continue to deliver our sustainability objectives we cannot do it alone. We operate as a team internally. We also work with external groups to broaden our sustainable offering to clients and to remain open and transparent about how we work. We appreciate the value of our team and external parties bring to our business, we view collaboration as an opportunity.