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The Anti Greenwash Charter

RMF Anti Greenwash Policy


As signatories of The Anti-Greenwash Charter, we are committed to upholding good standards of responsible marketing practice. The purpose of this policy is to define the standards we adopt throughout our organisation to ensure green claims made about our products/ services are fair and substantiated. This policy applies to all the forms of marketing and advertising we use, including television, radio, online marketing (including social media and influencer marketing), direct marketing, shopper marketing, packaging, events, trade/sales and other professional promotions and communications. In addition to this policy, all marketing and communications must at all times comply with the relevant local laws and regulations.


Our Standards

We commit to the standards of communication set out in The Anti Greenwash Charter, which are as follows: Transparency. We commit to clear communication of what sustainability benefit our product or service offers and don’t conceal or omit information. Accountability. We substantiate our sustainability claims with accurate, and regularly evaluated empirical evidence. We commit to sharing facts, figures and statements that can be checked. Fairness. We commit to using fair, clear and unambiguous language when providing comparisons with other products or organisations. Honesty. We ensure we make specific statements about our organisation’s sustainability efforts and that our actions match those promises.


Our Practices

We implement the following practices and procedures to ensure we uphold the aforementioned standards:


We define all the key ‘green’ terms we use to describe our products and services to ensure our claims are clear and transparent:

Eco-friendly: we source products and materials from sources we can define their origin and look for sustainable alternatives to existing chemicals and materials. 

Sustainably sourced: we only use FSC-certified timber in new raised floor panels

Reclaimed/recycled: the RMF Eco Range and all reclaimed panels are never altered from their original manufacturer, they are simply cleaned, checked and randomly tested.

If you are ever unsure of terms we use that you do not understand please contact us on 01926 425289 or email


Evidence and testing

When making statements regarding sustainability we reference either our Environmental Performance Document (EPD) or known and referenced sources. All random in house testing completed on our RMF Eco Range is documented and records can be provided on request.


All new employees receive an in-house training session on our Green Claims Policy and The Anti-Greenwash Charter so they fully understand the issues and benefits.

Customer Engagement

We know our users are invaluable in our fight against greenwashing, which is why we commit to answering any emails about our green claims within three working days. We regularly conduct user research to find out how our customers interpret our green claims to ensure that they are clearly understandable. If you have any questions or feedback on this policy or our green claims, please email Rebecca Marsh at

Regular Reviews

We carry out quarterly internal audits of our content and check all our references are up to date. During this audit, we also check for new developments in the industry that we can benchmark against. Being a signatory of The Anti-Greenwash Charter is a continuous process; as such, we review our marketing practices yearly to ensure we are still compliant with any changes to the Charter.

Governance of this policy

Our Marketing Manager (Rebecca Marsh) is responsible for ensuring that our compliance with this Green Claims Policy is reviewed quarterly. Any non-compliance with this policy will be brought to the attention of the Marketing Team, who will decide on further actions and whether the matter should be taken to the Leadership Team. Business area heads are responsible for establishing and following practices, instructions and operating models in line with the Green Claims Policy. The Marketing Team reviews and updates all our marketing policy guidelines