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Recycled Raised Floor

ECO Range - Recycled

RMF - The UK's largest recycling raised access flooring company.   


Fully warranted second user, recycled ECO-RANGE, typically around 100,000 panels always in stock.

Let RMF help you to improve your construction build BREEAM and Ska ratings through our unique recycling initiatives, by recycling raised access flooring back in to the interior fit-out market.

The RMF ECO-Range is further testament to our commitment to the environment, and the creation of new practices through our raised floor recycling innovation. The RMF ECO-Range can help improve construction BREEAM ratings and Ska M07 criteria.

BREEAM can be used to assess the environmental performance of any type of building, new and existing, anywhere in the world. BREEAM is an internationally recognised brand across the world, setting the standard for sustainability in the built environment.

RMF Eco range panels cannot be guaranteed to be consistant in their surface finish as they are sourced and reclaimed from multple strip out projects nationwide. The surface will therefore not be consistant, any samples submitted will always be indicative of the finish available, they will show signs of previous use, scratches, dents and possible previous paint marks, but will be fully warranted and suitable for carpet overlay etc. We will always try to ensure that a single full floor area is completed with one "type" of tile but due to availabilily this also may change. 

The RMF ECO-Range not only encourages buyers just to think about the “bottom line”, but it is slowly educating them into a “greener” more sensible and sustainable way of approaching their projects.

  • De-tackfied - (suitable for CAT B finish only)
  • Tested - (in house)
  • Suitable for carpet overlay
  • Installed onto new pedestal under structure

Please contact us to see how your project may benefit.

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