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RMF Eco range testing

What tests and warranty do RMF offer?

All panels taken back by RMF are of original Medium Grade manufacture meaning at the point of their production they complied with the PSA/MOB/SPU 1992 performance specification document  for raised access flooring. The PSA document is widely known as the ‘gold standard’ for raised flooring. 

The RMF Eco Range was derived from the fact that raised flooring does not wear out, it simply becomes less aesthetically pleasing after the previous carpet tiles have been removed and the glue residue is evident. We remove the previous adhesive and builders residue by utilising our trademarked RMF D-tac TM cleaning process.

Each medium grade panel was originally manufactured to take an 8KN per square metre UDL load, to translate this into ‘real terms’ it could withstand up to 1,800lbs of weight (with a 3 x safety factor).

We always offer our RMF Eco Range panels supplied and installed onto a new all steel new pedestal under structure and provide a 25 year full system warranty.

We are the only reused raised flooring contractor with a trading history over 30 years (not manufacturer) to complete random in house testing of second user panels.  We take a selection of panels from each batch we receive  which are then placed under a 3kN vertical load through a 25mm point load for 24 hours on our purpose made test rig to test for panel deflection. 

Testing of the centre of the edge of the panel, which is considered a "point of weakness" as referenced on page 13  (p4.02) of the PSA performance document. RMF do not manufacture the panels and therefore cannot guarantee that re used panels will meet the full PSA/MOB/SPU 1992 performance standard for raised access flooring whether they are re tested individually or in situ. However, we can guarantee that all panels offered by RMF are of ORIGINAL medium grade PSA performance manufacture and specification. We also guarantee they are re installed onto all steel new PSA/MOB/SPU 1992 performance manufactured pedestals, we do not offer or provide pre used pedestals.

(Indicative  deflection test rig picture below)